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In the last edition of Lineapelle we noticed cleanly the 'special moment' the shoe industry was living.

However , our new range 'D I A N A' , had a great success. All our customers and distributors all over the world commented the special characteristics and good performance of this new line of products in the market.

Further to our plans of presence in the different markets we have created a new subsidiary in Istambul.

GAMMA AYAKKABI, from which to serve our customers in Turkey.

In the next future we will continue opening branches in the most important shoe areas such a Izmir , Bursa y Konya.

We have completed the tenth year in Mexico and thank to our satistied customers our reputation in the market is growing step by step.

At present we meet the needs of 180 shoe manufacturers which means that in Mexico about 35 million pairs are made with Quinorgan toe puffs and counters.



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